The Kumasi office is located at Plot 12 Block 21 Anwomaso.
Postal address: P. O. Box KS 14434 Kumasi.

Telephone: (0) 3220 94251.
Cell: (0) 207149277
Country code (011 233)

Email (for general inquiries):
Email for DTS application: (not gmail)

Add us on Facebook! Just look up “Ywam Kumasi” and add us as a friend.

28 thoughts on “Contact

        • Sorry for the delay in communication
          Yes YWAM Kumasi has started DTS in the north but it only start in January for now.
          The next school will be in January 2015

        • Hi Lewis,
          My name is Jim Hackett and I don’t know if you are on outreach now, but I have been trying to contact you by email, and I have just attempted to call you on your cell and office phone. Lord willing I will be arriving in Ghana, around May 23th to Jun 15th. My wife and I are interested in coming to your DTS, in Jan 2016. Therefore I would like to know if I could please come and meet you and visit your YWAM Base. If you could please email as soon as possible that would be great! I am going to be booking my flight within the next couple of days.
          Thank you, and Lord bless you,
          Jim Hackett

  1. Hi! I live in Texas, but have a young friend named Mujahid Saeed Yakub that is 17 and lives in Tamale, Ghana. Just recently he became a Christian and WAS a Muslim. Well, he was sneaking out of his home just to go to a Christian church. His Muslim brother caught him and beat and whipped him so badly and left Mujahid in pain. His family asked him if he is a Christian and he said YES I will not turn my back on Jesus no matter what you do to me!!! Well, I was wondering if there is any way that he could come to this base and live. I am sure he could help and do things. I know that YWAM is a great ministry because my sister lived and went on mission trips with YWAM in Tyler, Texas U.S.A!!! Please can you help my friend because they want to kill him and he is in a lot of danger and he has nowhere to go!!!! Please feel free to call me at (912) 321-8148 or text me.

    • Dear Kit,
      I am so sorry for the delay in communication
      Please as your friend to visit any of the well known churches in Tamale and they will help him.
      Once again I am so sorry that I am replying to your mail now.

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