Mission Building

Best time to come: There are no closed dates for volunteers to come. Ghana enjoys a hot and humid tropical climate year round with average daily temperatures around 30 Celsius/85 Fahrenheit.

Project Opportunities:The current need is a school building.

People Needed: Architects and Builders. The builders should know how to use concrete to build.

Accommodations:12 USD a day is needed to cover food and lodging. This incorporates three meals a day.

Team Size: 16 people is our maximum capacity for volunteers.

Documents Required: A Visa is required to enter Ghana. To receive a Visa into the country a Yellow Fever Vaccination is required. See more on the Visa Page.




One thought on “Mission Building

  1. Hi, I am writing from Canada. I spent three months this year at a YWAM base in South Africa and am now hoping to come and spend three months at a Ghana YWAM base in January 2014. Is your base still in operation? Yhank you.



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