Staff Opportunities

We are currently accepting staff members at YWAM Kumasi. Staff Fees are only 150 USD monthly. If interested, please contact us.

12 thoughts on “Staff Opportunities

  1. Me kyea wo!
    Me din de Anne Marieke, mifiri Holland.
    I have been in Ghana 2 times and the country stole my heart… I will be going back in November till January and I would love to keep coming back to the country.
    I will graduate in 3 weeks time as an occupational therapist and I would like to now my possibilities. I would like to live in Ghana for a longer periode.
    Hwe wo ho so yie,
    Anne Marieke

  2. Good Day i’m really excited that a Ywam base will continue to be in Ghana after the Tema base left Ywam family. I did my DTS in Ghana at the Tema base and I later came to South Africa to do IBC and SOFM, I thought i’ll come back to Ghana after my schools but i’m now married to a white South African lady with a child now. I know we’ll come back to Ghana some day soon and guest what? My wife worked with a Church Preschools for 7 years, she went to Denmark to teach English for 1 year and to cut the story short she has been working with Accelerated Christian Education since 1996. Well at the moment we are staffing DTS with Ywam Media Village here in Cape Town and we have committed our selves for only one year so who knows we might end up coming to Ghana after that. She’ll love to start or coordinator your pre-school so please keep us in prayers and I can also staff DTS. God Bless, Michael & Nadine Arhin.

  3. When I visited Kenya this summer as part of a church-building team, God commissioned me to build schools for impoverished girls within their native countries. Without an education, girls will ultimately live shorter lives and their children as well. In fall 2012, I hope to begin fulltime missionary work doing the following:
    • Provide a godly-educational setting for girls who are unschooled.
    • Provide medical services to meet the girls’ physical needs.
    • Recruit mental health professionals to donate time to help with the girls’ emotional needs.
    • Teach students viable economic skills so that can support themselves and their families.
    • Equip students to share the message of Christ within their own communities

    During my 20 years as a college and high school educator, I taught students American and British literature, French Language and Literature, Theatre, Acting, and Speech. Moreover, in my role as an educator and department chair, I gained knowledge of language pedagogy, design of curriculum and testing assessments, creation of budgets, management of personnel, and experience with school and college accreditation process. Just as importantly, my doctorate degree in Performance Studies from Northwestern University and experience as a director, has equipped me to write, direct, and organize the schedule for the traveling performances of the school’s eventual choir and theatre troupes. In addition, my doctoral training in African and Caribbean Studies has prepared me to relate well to, adapt to diverse cultural groups.

    I believe that TFN is the next in this process of building schools to God’s glory.

    M.J. Davis, Ph.D.

  4. Greetings! My name is Amy! I have been going to Ghana since 2010 and am returning in May with a group of my students. I am graduating in May and desperately want to be in Ghana. I work closely with an organization in the Central Region, but I am open to God’s plan for my life there. I’m sure it goes without saying that I love Ghana and the people and the kids have completely captured my heart. Could I get some information about your program/staff opportunities?

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